About Us

SaintInk Inc, one of the leading independent manufacturer and distributor of compatible inkjet & toner cartridges and refill ink kits. Established in the late 1990's and located in the northern part of the peninsular Malaysia, SaintInk combines extensive product knowledge, manufacturing experience and diligent quality control to provide the best in product quality.

The SaintInk brand is well recognized & respected both locally and in many other countries which it has exported to. The focus of SaintInk has always been on product quality. All SaintInk products are packed in transparent PVC package which allow our dealers and buyer's to easily identify the products they are looking for and being able to see the product at first glance gave added confidence to the potential buyer to pick the right one without fuss.

We say "see what you buy and buy what you see"

and not just ink but saintink ...